Pixel car racer is an amazing car racing game. However, it differs from other car racing games in the fact that it has retro style graphics which gives an RPG sandbox experience while playing on your mobile phone. You can build a custom garage in this game and customise cars as per your imagination.

Top features of the game

  • Two game modes i.e. Drag and street where you can play with 100+ different cars
  • 100+ parts to customise your car
  • RPG style and dyno tuning of vehicles
  • Amazing retro style graphics
  • Burnouts and Liveries
  • Social media sharing and login

Game modes and stages

  • Beginner — This is the first mode where you get your car automatically staged. To start playing the beginner mode you must heat the tires by doing a burnout using the accelerator. After this, a “Get Ready” sign appears and then you can launch your car after 2.5 seconds.
  • Amateur — This is similar to beginner mode but in this, you can shift the gears using the + and – signs. This is advanced level and allows you to earn 33% more as compared to the earlier mode.
  • Expert – As the name suggests this is the most advanced level in which you need not heat the tires and can start right away from the starting line. This mode allows earning 66% more than the beginner one and you can enjoy advanced features like reversing your car and engine and accessing the clutch.

In the expert mode, to launch the car you must let go the clutch and press the accelerator. For changing gears you must press and hold the clutch. After that press the up or down button of the gear and leave the clutch. While doing the gear change you can keep the accelerator pressed if you want.

Pixel car racer hack

Pixel car racer hack

Hacks and cheats help you to level up faster and earn lots of goodies like diamonds, crates, and cash. Online Pixel Car Racer hack generator tools make it very easy to install and use the hacks without downloading anything. Let us check how to use the online hack for pixel car racer game:

  • You will find the “Access generator hack button” on the website from where you can generate resources.
  • After pressing that you need to fill a form with the player name which you use to play the game.
  • Then you will be asked to enter details about the number of diamonds, crates or cash that you require in the game.
  • After pressing generate button the goodies will be generated in your mobile app.
  • After that is complete then you must restart your device and the game and your resources are visible now for use in the game.