Golf clash is ruling over Google Play Store and Apple App Store due to the unique golfing gameplay and the availability for both the platform iOS and Android make it more popular. You can download it free of cost where the interactive features and the graphics are behind the popularity that’s why you can try it out for sure.

The game is all about making shots with perfection and getting the ball in hole in fewer hits. There are lots of clubs but you have to choose the right one which can help you out.


The driver is first golf club you have to use and it is important to have higher range because the first shot help in getting lead. In order to choose the best club, you have to open new ones firstly. A club open up with cards and the chest can provide cards.

golf clash driver club

The rocket driver open very soon but you will be finding that it isn’t good as the extra mile. For the most part, you will be using “The Extra Mile” club because it has good range, top spin and the back spin whereas the curl is also enough to help in winning.

However, the extra mile has the less accuracy which is the major drawback. For the most part of stages, you will be using it because of better performance so it is better to try out. The Apocalypse is the one but it will open up after so many stages.


It is the next golf club you need to get and it must be better one so that the next shot take you closer to flag. Most of intermediate gamers love to use the viper, The Big Dawg and the Horizon but in the beginner stages it is better to choose

The Big Dawg. Basically, the one you will love the most in this game is The Catalysm because It offer a great range and better top spin as wellas the back spin. The main reason to choose it is curl which is way higher than other clubs you have been using from long time.

Rough Iron

We are talking about some of the most important clubs having the higher influence on the chances of winning. The rough iron is used in when you end up shooting in wrong zone or the ball gets carried away with air.

golf clash clubs

Getting the ball on rough area can be troublesome but if you don’t want to end up getting into any issue then must get NIRVANA because it is best one in all kind of it. The same goes for Sand wedge and you can get SPITFIRE because it is right one to get a long range and better accuracy.

Final Words

These are some of the best golf clubs you should get and there is need of coins to upgrade these. Don’t have sufficient amount? Well, don’t worry because we have a good alternative to acquire currencies.