Many people are interested to play role playing video games and they mainly fall in love with the Monster Legend. If you are one among players of this game and seeking monster legends breeding guide on online, then you can explore the following guidelines and get an overview about how to enhance various aspects of breeding. You will get an outstanding assistance and make an informed decision about breeding activities in this role playing game.

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The heat and soul

Breeding in the monster legends is the main activity and involving some complex things. It is too difficult to get epic and legendary monsters. As a player of this game, you have to think out of the box and keep trying. Explore different breeding charts on online and improve your proficiency about how to get the most suitable monsters without any doubt. Do not forget to keep in mind about the following opposite elements:

  • Fire/Light
  • Nature/Electric
  • Nature/Magic
  • Water/Dark

In general, there are ten groups of monsters available to breed in the monster legends game:

  • Dark
  • Earth
  • Electric
  • Epic
  • Fire
  • Legendary
  • Magic
  • Metal
  • Nature
  • Water

Once you have decided to take advantage of hybrids formed by two different elements, you have to use both types of temples on such hybrids’ habitat. You have to place the legendary’s baby into the legendary habitat. Perseverance is required to breed epic or legendary monsters. Users of the first-class design of the monster legends breeding calculator on online get benefits from a mathematical formula for breeding the most suitable monster whenever they like to receive it. They choose the first and secondary monster in this calculator to receive the total percentage of possibilities of the most expected resulting monster.

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Properly use monsters to breed

There are 137 epic monsters available in the monster legends game. However, 17 of these monsters are known to be breedable. Even though some new monsters have added to the monster family, there are still some difficulties to breed. You have to find out and categorize monsters into breedable epic and exclusive epic. Some of the popular breedable epic monsters are drop elemental, duchess, musu and Rhynex. Renowned epic monsters in our time are esthirel, sasquatch, kimmel’s gift, rockiesta, rockovan and karasu. The most special features of these monsters encourage all players to successfully breed powerful monsters. There is many breeding guides online you can find more information there.

Well experienced players of this game nowadays understand that some epic monsters are available without opposite elements and known by their game changing nature. They use monsters like goldcore, darknubis, pandalf and musu to directly enhance the game play. New players of this game use these monsters first for their combat. If you like to increase the breeding elements, then you can breed hybrid monsters. The normal breeding involves two rare or common monsters which combine a pair of opposite elements. There are some differences in the epic monsters with or without opposite elements. You have to understand such differences and make an informed decision.