Golf Clash is surely the trending mobile title from Playdemic where the unique gameplay and graphics are making it better. Golf clash is easy to learn but hard to master the game. Coin and gems are the currencies and both are vital in progression. There are many methods to earn it and in-app purchase is alternative to get it.

In order to save money and get it easily, various methods can help and golf clash cheats are best one to go with. Now, you have to focus on getting the right golf club and the balls of need. Even it become easy to play but there are many more things causing trouble and air is one of them having the higher influence on the chances of winning.

golf clash wind flow

How To Shot When Wind Flows?

You can easily find that most of the time, the air keep on flowing and the speed matters the most. If the target zone is too the far away then the chances of missing the target are higher. Well, the below given are few tips which can help you out in progression with ease.

  • Check out the speed first. If you are going to take a shot too long like you will use the driver or the wood then must look for airspeed. If the speed is below 3 then there is less need to worry but you should choose the target zone slightly away.
  • Get a perfect shot so that you can place a right shot and easily take down most of issues. If you find it typical then it is the time when you should focus on doing a great but you must tilt the target in opposite direction.
  • As the air is flowing in left with the speed of 5 or more then choose the target in right from the area you want to hit. The faster air it is, the more you should go away. However, if you are going to take a closer shot then there is no need to worry about such factors.

You need to practice and it will be gained by experiencing as much as you can. Make sure to try this trick so you learn to hit well.


Every club offers you the ability curl and it help in tilting the ball-target different direction of need. As if air is flowing on higher speed then you should curl the shot and must curl the ball in the favored direction so you hit the right zone. It is important to factor and you must pay attention to it. Lastly, it can be learned by practicing and it can help. Even you can choose a different ball and you can find that some balls are resistive to air and offer better accuracy.

Final Words

You can play live events and the best thing is to get better chests. It will be a great option to gain higher rewards. It is called as the ring method and you can check out the golf clash wind chart to know more about it.

golf clash wind chart